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PlayStation Access Cover Star

Competition closes: 05 Apr 2012
Voting period: 12 Mar 2012 - 05 Apr 2012
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by EmmersonAshton11
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Submitted on
03 Apr 2012
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Entry commentary
A depiction of gaming taking over and consuming our worlds biggest resource...Nature. From Mother nature to the Animal kingdom. The title "Gaming taking over the world" could be seen as a negative in the wrong context; but this piece is a demonstration of the opposite and the beauty it possesses.
A junior graphic designer who is unsatisfied with being labelled a designer. I see design much more than what the average Joey Bloggs determines design as. I believe through the sole use of design we can give back to the world in a vast variety of mediums. I specialise in Typography, Branding, Web layout, Animation and Editorial.
  • kirsty_chez
    Wed 04 - Apr - 2012, 15:53
    What a Strong powerful design
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