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PlayStation Access Cover Star

Competition closes: 05 Apr 2012
Voting period: 12 Mar 2012 - 05 Apr 2012
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by Cameros82
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Submitted on
29 Feb 2012
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2 People
Entry commentary
Sooner than you think
  • Cameros82
    Thu 22 - Mar - 2012, 09:12
    Thanks for your kind words and constructive critisism. I really did debate about the text, I almost left it out but i felt it looked a little too empty??? maybe i was wrong!Good luck with the contest too my friend! :)
  • AVillegas
    Tue 20 - Mar - 2012, 21:58
    I'm competing in this design competition, but I honestly believe that, despite the votes, your concept is top-notch quality. This was my favorite even before I entered. As someone who has studied and critiqued professional work, I appreciate your subtle integration of the controller and world domination; it's subtle and works effectively. The achromatic scheme also serves to imply the inarguable, definite nature of gaming's overtaking of the world. Perhaps the brick texture could be a little less uniform though; you could even make the words less emphasized -- or just do without them -- in order to make it more abstract. In any case, this is fantastic. I applaud your ingenious concept and execution. You have my vote.
  • Cameros82
    Wed 29 - Feb - 2012, 21:45
    No it wasnt just "slapped" together. thanks for your support
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