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Design a Coat-of-Arms and win a title, with Highland Titles!

Competition closes: 27 May 2012
Voting period: 27 Apr 2012 - 27 May 2012
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by TheWizard11
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Submitted on
02 May 2012
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Entry commentary
My coat of arms description illustrates a central shield with mind and heart because i believe that these are our greatest weapons and the handshake because peace comes first then actions (for protection) , hence the swords. The Gorilla is my protector, powerful but keeps to itself unless provoked. The dragon .. I love magic and imagination is everything, The Eagle head because of its great vision which we need and the Crown represents a hierachy which is needed for stability in life i believe. The Earth is at the top because it should be the same for any race and religion. We are all equal and we must repect it. At the bottom is the greek moto which means "all i know, is i know nothing" by Socrates and the latin means Victory Through Harmony. I belive this Design describes my beliefs that i try to live by. Hope…

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  • Guest: chris.christoforou
    Thu 03 - May - 2012, 16:23
    really cool
  • Guest: xchristosx
    Thu 03 - May - 2012, 16:00
    thank you
  • NikStar
    Thu 03 - May - 2012, 09:09
    Coold design.
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