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PlayStation Access Cover Star

Competition closes: 05 Apr 2012
Voting period: 12 Mar 2012 - 05 Apr 2012
147 Points
by Bizz
Public vote has finished
Submitted on
13 Mar 2012
Days left to vote
Scored by
147 People
Entry commentary
An Alien life form made out of playstation parts takes over the World!
Graphic designer, Information designer, Illustrator, Exhibition Designer, Musician. Worked in: UK, France, Greece. BA Graphic design (UEL first) MA Future design (studying)
  • Sundance
    Sat 07 - Apr - 2012, 20:48
    The terms and conditions state that the first 10 go in front of the judges.
  • Bizz
    Sat 07 - Apr - 2012, 17:35
    Thanks for the support I believe that you dont have to be in the top 10 to be chosen by the judges. But whatever the case is the competition was a great experience :) Thanks again Bizz.
  • Devilman
    Fri 06 - Apr - 2012, 13:13
    Yeah they should!
  • Sundance
    Fri 06 - Apr - 2012, 12:29
    If they kick out the thief then he is in the top ten.
  • Devilman
    Thu 05 - Apr - 2012, 23:15
    Too bad man... you didnt make it :C
  • DesignByJase
    Mon 26 - Mar - 2012, 17:39
    That's a great design -cracking stuff! Would appreciate you taking a look at mine :)
  • Cameros82
    Thu 22 - Mar - 2012, 09:05
    Why are you cheating? this has no longer become a contest...............
  • Devilman
    Fri 16 - Mar - 2012, 00:05
    There is nothing i can find wrong with this XD. Its pretty much exactly right! The alien reminds me of Darth Vader. He must of been some sort of inspiration here....
  • Signifried
    Thu 15 - Mar - 2012, 20:12
    Ah now there are three facebook comments all of a sudden (within 10 mins of each other)! Coincidentally made 5 mins after I made that comment. Whose profiles all look to be made up. Seriously, I mean no offence with these comments, and you have my sincerest apologies if I am wrong. I am simply pointing out what to me is blatantly obvious, and looks to be highly suspicious. Anyway, I have said what I wanted to, and I will now mind my own business. Good luck with your entry too.
  • Bizz
    Thu 15 - Mar - 2012, 19:52
    I'm sorry to say that but I feel insulted. I've used not only Facebook but other media to let people know that I'm taking part in this contest. I really dont like the way thinks have turned out in this contest because I've seen the same comments on others peoples designs. Telling your opinion is great but your freedom stops where mine begins. In the end the best design wins because we will be judged so please mind your own business. Good luck with your entry, Bizz.
  • Signifried
    Thu 15 - Mar - 2012, 19:19
    Also how the votes stopped going up as soon as someone commented....
  • Signifried
    Thu 15 - Mar - 2012, 19:19
    Yeah, the only trouble is that you haven't shared this design on facebook or twitter once, and yet 73 of your "friends" voted within the last 20 mins, none of whom left a single comment or shared your design, to help you get votes?!?....I think not. That comment was aimed at people who are participating in this contest fairly and not using ip hiding software and vote boosting websites to get their work to the top.
  • Bizz
    Thu 15 - Mar - 2012, 19:12
    Dear Signifried you yourself said: "Personally I would class this more as a popularity contest than a "Design" contest....He who has the most friends...wins!" So I think I have to say "Sorry" for having friends. Beste Regards, Bizz.
  • Signifried
    Thu 15 - Mar - 2012, 19:03
    I agree, it's getting a bit stupid now...
  • Guest: bnf69636
    Thu 15 - Mar - 2012, 18:20
    definetly a cheat, whats the point of this contest now.
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