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PlayStation Access Cover Star

Competition closes: 05 Apr 2012
Voting period: 12 Mar 2012 - 05 Apr 2012
179 Points
by Devilman
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Submitted on
11 Mar 2012
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179 People
Entry commentary
This cover shows the Earth being taken away from space and into the PS Vita. This shows the similarity of when games takes a gamer from their reality into the games. This is my take on how Video Games are taking over the world. I used the PS Vita because it has recently been released and the symbols to represent the traditional trademark of Sony Playstation consoles. What I wanted to create was something that people do not usually see on a shelf or a store. I guarantee that if you saw this cover in a store, you would definitely want to buy it immediately. The programs I used were Photoshop and I edited everything you see on this cover. I would really love the PS Vita and the cameras so I can continue doing what I love to do - Art & Animation - so Vote for me please.
I'm A College Student at Ic6 in Islington. I am mostly an animator but I know my way around photoshop. I have many skills when it comes to media. If you are interested in my work. You can contact me at
  • 9tThree
    Fri 06 - Apr - 2012, 10:33
    Amazing design, Good Luck!
  • HarryLee
    Wed 04 - Apr - 2012, 21:47
    Thanks for your comment and thoughts on my work. I did consider using a more bold background but it overpowered the simplicity of it, so I created the subtle texture instead. I do really like your entry. It has great depth and a really moody feel to it. I love the concept too, original yet a little bit different from others. Although, I only got this full meaning by reading your entry commentary, I'm not sure how you could have shown the vita absorbing the world, maybe a little distortion of the earth to illustrate the movement? Just an idea. Also, this is just personally (you know I like simplicity :P), a few too many 'outer glows' and other effects are a little distracting, perhaps making it more complicated than it needs to be? Other wise, a great entry with good potential to win. You've clearly put a lot of thought and effort into this; making sure that the banner fits perfectly ect... so well done, good luck!
  • maggiemagoo3
    Sun 01 - Apr - 2012, 09:36
    great design, good luck!
  • klg614
    Sun 01 - Apr - 2012, 00:54
    Love it, good luck!
  • Devilman
    Tue 27 - Mar - 2012, 20:09
    I would like you to show me where I have copied this work from. I have a Photoshop Document with each and every layer still intact with proof I have put hours into this piece. Also if i was to vote for myself 159 times... i would need.... 59 ip addresses (since it blocks after 3 ips vote) and would need to make 159 accounts... Sorry i don't think i have enough time to do that. All I have done is promoted around the web :) If this is a retaliation from me saying that thebestinfifa's work is stolen... Well he has Sorry but the truth is the truth somebody running here and doing shots in the dark isn't going to help at all.
  • Guest: a595
    Tue 27 - Mar - 2012, 12:32
    Cheat he copied the artwork he is making points by himself
  • Briannimal213
    Thu 22 - Mar - 2012, 22:12
    Love it!
  • cska1948
    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 20:04
    Please drop a vote for me at this contest too: THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! :)
  • ABS7
    Mon 12 - Mar - 2012, 15:43
  • Devilman
    Mon 12 - Mar - 2012, 00:00
    First! And remember to vote for me!!
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