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by matejkriste
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08 Dec 2010
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Entry commentary
door to hideness found in the eye..
  • Guest: norel
    Sun 12 - Dec - 2010, 15:42
  • matejkriste
    Sun 12 - Dec - 2010, 13:53
  • Guest: MarinWest
    Sun 12 - Dec - 2010, 13:51
    Yeah? NO!!!!!
  • matejkriste
    Sun 12 - Dec - 2010, 13:50
    I invented the word...The meaning of it makes sense.. Long live freedom of design..thanks
  • Guest: MarinWest
    Sun 12 - Dec - 2010, 13:42
    LOL - ANDYHOLLOWAY -, his is rubbish, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!
  • Guest: IvanHeart
    Sun 12 - Dec - 2010, 13:40
    Hideness makes no sense, can I just clarify that.
  • Guest: YourACheat
    Sun 12 - Dec - 2010, 13:39
    Magic point gainer. hmmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder how???
  • ivonakoninona
    Sun 12 - Dec - 2010, 13:04
    nice design..
  • niuiuki
    Sun 12 - Dec - 2010, 13:01
    this is beautiful to me..these comments make no sense..
  • dawnwynn
    Sat 11 - Dec - 2010, 22:17
    i dont get it, i hope dont panic really dont put all these weak designs into the top 10 because of the votes. its not really about design then
  • Tronnation23
    Sat 11 - Dec - 2010, 14:49
    A quick wee spike in your votes, someones not being totally honest are they?
  • AndyHolloway
    Fri 10 - Dec - 2010, 19:50
    People keep on comparing these two, I don't understand. There is another two eye pictures, one of which was put up well before this one. You are nothing but a copy cat!!!!!! And this is not the definition of a paradox, almost, but not quite. is free and can be used at all hours of the day. You have no need to thank me.
  • matejkriste
    Fri 10 - Dec - 2010, 13:07
    it's a paradox..finding door which entering something hidden..the soul of the eye is deep..deep enough to prove your flippancy, and reflection in the eye matters..But you'll never know did he found that..unless you look at the movie, and maybe not even the way..this is original photo of the eye, and the door within, taken by me..I only lighten the door a little bit and put circles in the eye.. thanks my dearest..
  • Fanfan
    Thu 09 - Dec - 2010, 21:14
    I'm not sure what to make of this. It looks just like one of the promotional posters, in no way a take your personal take on the film or the hidden places idea. In the eye the soul is found, not hideness (whatever this means). I would suggest digging deeper for a true hiding place within the eye, dig beneath the eye to the soul. Though a nice graphic I feel it to be nothing special
  • tetris444
    Thu 09 - Dec - 2010, 20:11
    Nah their completely different. This really does not go any deeper than a nice picture of an eye though. At least the other one offers some sort of effort into digging deeper than what lies on the surface.
  • jaimelebuiscuit
    Thu 09 - Dec - 2010, 20:02
    this one looks like the one above
  • Grove23
    Thu 09 - Dec - 2010, 19:57
    Have you not just stuck an eye on a page, gave it a blue tint and then stuck Tron at the bottom, if nothing else it appears to me as if it is lazy, nothing more
  • Guest: sarah_t_1991
    Wed 08 - Dec - 2010, 16:46
    is hideness a word.... hidden door may be a better slogan or the hidden places.... i love it other than that
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