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by adikolor
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07 Dec 2010
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Entry commentary
Inspired by a trailer scene.
I think that this computer is the best visualisation of subject. Apparently sitting, calmly in the dark corner of basement, but there is so much going on inside ;)

"hidden in your memory..." sentence is the quick play with theme but also appeals to the older viewers, who remember emotions related to the first Tron.
I'm a self-called designer from Poland. Yeah.. that sad, rural country, so much hated by hipster hitler :p\
Always looking for some creative work so feel free to write me anytime ;)\
  • adikolor
    Sun 12 - Dec - 2010, 23:53
    dude... you should get back to prozac :O
  • Guest: BoomBoom3
    Sun 12 - Dec - 2010, 23:20
    This is rubbish, if your going to insult my intelligence and taste at least do it to my face.
  • diddi123
    Sun 12 - Dec - 2010, 23:03
    this is the only one that deserve to have my vote mac adikolor.
  • jigglypufff
    Sun 12 - Dec - 2010, 19:15
    definitely the coolest
  • boomczkczkczk
    Sun 12 - Dec - 2010, 19:05
    like from an old-school video game!
  • olapalka
    Sun 12 - Dec - 2010, 15:09
    very creative & cosy design :)
  • evooo2010
    Sat 11 - Dec - 2010, 21:23
  • evooo2010
    Sat 11 - Dec - 2010, 21:22
  • lunacita
    Sat 11 - Dec - 2010, 18:39
    jag älskar
  • sicilly
    Fri 10 - Dec - 2010, 20:58
  • jacquemax
    Fri 10 - Dec - 2010, 18:28
    where i could see your other designs ?
  • filifionka
    Fri 10 - Dec - 2010, 18:24
    i like. totally.
  • cocou
    Thu 09 - Dec - 2010, 21:31
    I think it's very innapropriate that other competition artists (or theirs friends) writing such stupid & pathetic things on their oponnent's profiles. Gunslung - Noo comment. How old are you - 10 ? Mr. Guest- info - YOU KNOW POLAND & everyday life of polish people soo well - living almost whole your live in Norway / England / Ireland ? Are you kidding me ? --> Tip for you from practical guide to a happier life in XXI'st Century : You need to work at keeping distance from things you read on Internet - for instance : In INDEPENDENT magazine such as 'Don't Panic'. Chill- out people , this is TRON competition NOT PRIDE & JEALOUSY contest.
  • alfonsinio
    Thu 09 - Dec - 2010, 10:53
    looks more like a concept art for me but I love the idea. So inspiring that I'm rhyming lol
  • adikolor
    Thu 09 - Dec - 2010, 02:19
    chill out, no stress... this place is to write only about how sweet my design is xD Thx for all votes so far!
  • placeq
    Wed 08 - Dec - 2010, 23:12
    Fuck Gunslung! Hes a bitch!
  • adikolor
    Wed 08 - Dec - 2010, 15:27
    Ok... first of all it was ment to be ironic approach. I didn't want to offend any patriots :) I just know the power of stereotype. When I went to France the only thing people knew about Poland was "Walesa, Zapoldu (Jean Paul 2), vodka, kurwa" The other example - there's a new movie made by canadians, I think. Story is about a guy missing in a Poland, what we see in trailer? Check it... Is it dynamic, progressive country with a great history and prognosis, that we both know (for example from here: )? No it's a bunch of crazy rednecks, glorifying some strange cult :P The worst thing about it, is that I actually saw people like these in real, in front of Presidential Palace some months ago. I really don't want to label Poland with negative PR. But we already have that label, and I think that the best way to change it, is to make fun of people who might actually think that my description is real. I bet you heard the story about polar bears living in Poland. No comment. By the way I'm from village called Warsaw ;) Regards!
  • Guest: info
    Wed 08 - Dec - 2010, 11:59
    Hey why you writing so bad about Poland? I think that you never left your village if you write like that. I’m from Poland as well but I used to live in Norway, England and now I’m in Ireland so I can compare my motherland to other countries and I will never accept with you. You should go for some trip. For the beginning go to the nearest town and stop writing about hitler, war is over my friend.
  • adikolor
    Wed 08 - Dec - 2010, 00:05
    Listen to Gunslung, he's the man! xD
  • gunslung
    Tue 07 - Dec - 2010, 22:04
    how has this got 18 points... honestly!!!! bad idea, bad image, bad type. DONT VOTE
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