Undercover with Conservation International

08 May 2011 | 3 Comments

American registered charity Conservation International says it provides environmental 'solutions' to some of the world's biggest corporations.  We think it's more accurate to say they provide greenwashing services to some of the planet's worst polluters. We went undercover to see if they'd help an arms company make its weapons more eco-friendly and more...

Read a brilliant article about the film and Conservation International on The Ecologist site here


  • Guest: coord
    Thu 19 - May - 2011, 16:04
    Thank you so much for this brilliant work. In our work as international NGO network on banks we often come across CI as 'the other NGO' in the room. I deeply appreciate this exposure of their practices. best wishes, Johan Frijns, coordinator Banktrack (www.banktrack.org)
  • Guest: anna
    Mon 16 - May - 2011, 12:11
    Thank you so much for this great explanation of a persistent greenwashing problem. Unfortunately, here in Burlington, VT, USA, the mayor believes that our city could be the short-term beneficiary of a bundle of Lockheed blood money in exchange for their company to show that they're working on "climate solutions" through Sir Richard Branson's "Carbon War Room" initiative. Burlington is known as one of the foremost "green" cities in the country, thanks to our long-list of homegrown, small scale, local sustainability initiatives. Citizens here are terrified what Lockheed could do to not only our marketable reputation as a city, but also what their long-term interests in Burlington could be (some suggestions have been made that they would work with elementary (primary) school children). We have linked to your video on our website (nolockheed.posterous.com), but if there are any other ways you can think to help us/advise us on how to keep this corporate monster out of our town, it would be much appreciated! Again, thanks so much!!
  • Guest: reddmonitor
    Thu 12 - May - 2011, 09:27
    Congratulations on a brilliant video! The question "Are they any more than a green PR company?" is spot on. I've just done a post about this on REDD-Monitor: Conservation International: “Are they any more than a green PR company?” | http://bit.ly/iQ9nz4
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